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Parris-Roche Studios

"Art is the imposition of a pattern on experience. Art enjoyment comes from recognizing the pattern."

--Alfred Whitehead

This statement, more than any other, describes our work.

Brian Parris began studying art and literature in the early 1970’s, graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1978.

After years working in marble, granite, ceramics and glass, he settled on marble and glass as the medium for our designs. Brian’s approach to design defines our studios creative output.

"Most people relate to blown or sculptural art glass by recognizing patterns, shapes and colors that are familiar to them. Knowing this, I decided to include this perspective in our glass art. Each design is inspired by familiar images of the natural world and celestial phenomena that make life and art possible. This approach to design links patterns of experience with people’s impressions of the art glass they’re exposed to. Art glass processes are primordial in nature. This reflects the origins of the materials we use which first came into existence within the nuclear furnace of celestial bodies. Each design is a tribute to the genius of creation and a validation of our unique existence." Brian Parris

Opaque and translucent colors are layered with clear to transmit, illuminate and magnify light as it passes through or accumulates within each design.

These gem like qualities are unique to the glass medium which helps explain why glass art has been in continuous production for over 5,000 years.

Each design in our collection is accompanied by the modeling images used to inform the process that created it, including a description of the steps that transformed this white hot 2,200 degree liquid medium into heirloom collectible sculptures and blown vessels.

Our designs are displayed in galleries, boardrooms and private collections throughout the world.

Art Glass Planet is an American Art Glass Studio

Monarch Athena Crystal Gallery, Retirement Gifts, Awards Collection

We design Art Glass in custom colors, styles and configurations that meet your theme, prestige and branding requirements.

Our designs are displayed in galleries, boardrooms and private collections throughout the world.

This custom Campari Sculpture is an example and one of the hundreds we have produced over the years.

Our specialty is glass. We have the largest selection and highest quality available anywhere in the US.

In Fact...No One Beats Our Quality, Value or Prices.

If you’re price shopping, we offer custom designs in your colors starting at $26 with hundreds of design choices - Under $100.

The Art Glass Designs you see in this gallery are Heirloom Collectibles, yet cost no more than Asian factory glass being imported by commercial trophy distributors.

Buying direct from Artists makes this possible and you are purchasing designs made here in America.

We have hundreds of design choices from Fine Art Original Retirement Gifts, to Optical Crystal Awards, and Starfire Glass Service Recognition pieces.

Each design can be personalized with engraved or printed images using state of the art processes.

Our capabilities range from 5,000 Year Old Glass Blowing and Sculpting Techniques to 21st Century Three Dimensional Crystal Imaging derived from your own Photographs and/or Logos. We also offer full color CineChrome Imaging for spectacular visual effects not unlike 3D Movies.

Browsing through our gallery you'll discover designs with the color and refractive qualities of Gemstones. Or, create your own Art Glass Versions in custom colors that suit your taste.

Do you have a specific brand color? Review our Sapphire Crystal, Emerald Crystal, Ruby Crystal and our stunningly elegant Sable Crystal collection.

For one stop shopping browse the Recognition Awards Collection for the full range of Employee Recognition, Sales Awards, Achievement Awards, Service Recognition, Anniversary and Retirement Gifts.

For specific design recommendations, review our Most Popular Collection. Chances are, if people are purchasing these designs the most, you're certain to find something here that appeals to you.

When you order designs online Your Card Is Never Charged until all the details of your order have been confirmed and your questions answered.

For special projects and custom designs email or phone our Art Director and he will personally guide you through the process. Call: 541-474-1169 - or - Email: Brian@ArtGlassPlanet.com

Thanks for visiting our gallery!